BOONTHESHOP is a Specialty Store
that shows refined curation
based on a clear philosophy, fashion, beauty, and objects.

Starting from BOON, which means “unexpected luck” and “best friend,” BOONTHESHOP is a specialty store that proposes a variety of cultures and sophisticated lifestyles with constant curiosity based on its own philosophy.


Based on “Modern” “Timeless” “Originality” “Authenticity” we respect tradition and craftsmanship, discover innovative brands, and introduce a higher level of editing that leads art and culture, including beauty, objects, and art as well as fashion.


BOONTHESHOP researches the philosophy and history of various brands around the world and grows together, suggesting special experiences and newness. BOONTHESHOP has been the ‘steppingstone’ for brands such as Alexander McQueen, Dries Van Noten, Marni, and Maison Martin Margiela to be introduced in Korea for the first time to creating the brands to have an independent standing in the Korean fashion world.


We’re expanding our range by introducing unfettered selection of categories such as Italy’s high jewelry house brand Buccellati and handmade interior products such as John Derian, Astier de Villate, as well as fashion areas Gabriella Hearst for sustainable luxury and The Row for material and tailoring.


In the process of discovering and growing various brands, a new concept sub-brand was also derived. CASESTUDY which represents street and youth culture that presents various collaborations and premium rare items, and BOONTHESHOP Shoes, which specializes in women’s shoes around the world, are growing together based on the philosophy of BOONTHESHOP. In addition, the expansion of the product line across lifestyles and cultures such as objects and furniture, and the event of providing experiences reflecting the high taste and needs of BOONTHESHOP customers are developing by showing the high level of evolution of the specialty store.


BOONTHESHOP is currently located in Cheongdam specialty store and Shinsegae Department Store Main Store / Gangnam / Centum City / Daegu / Art & Science




BOONTHESHOP Cheongdam, which opened in 2004 as the nation’s first luxury multi-store, was upgraded and reorganized through architect Peter Marino in 2014. It is a symbolic and iconic space and a global fashion landmark where you can experience the lifestyle that Boon The Shop aims for in various ways, including the sensibility and insight of Boon The Shop from one finish to one furniture on the outer wall as well as the product.


From the exterior wall, which expresses shading with Greek marble, to art pieces that can be found all over the store, and even a small piece of furniture contains the aesthetics and philosophy of the BOONTHESHOP. The building, which connects the young and trendy N and the two Pavilion S which has Heritage and Classicist, with bridges, expressed the mood with differentiated interiors and art pieces on each floor and section. The interior of Hall N uses black metal and concrete as a whole, and consists of case study on the first floor, women’s shoes and modern contemporary genre on the second floor, and men’s genre on the third floor. Hall S, which expresses relaxation and luxury with white-toned marble, consists of handbags on the first floor, jewelry, and cosmetics on the second floor, and a private space for VIP customers on the third floor.



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How to register :
Present your passport or Residence Card at Concierge desk (3F, N building)